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A Message from the Chairman


Our state needs your help! We need to make a change in Hartford. You can help make the change we need. We need your commitment to vote!

While Connecticut has some of the best advantages in the country – education systems, landscape, seasons, the most extraordinary array of manpower and intellectual capital ever assembled - decades of Democrat rule has also made our beloved state amongst the worst in the nation in far too many areas. For those of us who have planted our flag here, we are leaving a legacy not worthy of us and not one we should be proud to leave to our children.

With one of the highest tax rates in the nation, jobs and people are fleeing the state, leaving behind only those who take from our coffers. This has led to massive deficits and deficit spending that has Connecticut among the highest debt-per capita states in the US beating out the likes of California and Massachusetts. Under the repressive single-party Democrat rule, the Connecticut we love has become a punch line as neighboring states are sending ambassadors to take away more of our businesses and citizens with lower taxes and inviting policies.

But all is not lost!

This year YOU can change that.

This year YOU can make a difference!

This year WE can send a Republican to the Governor’s mansion and ensure that our Republican State Legislators return to Hartford.  In 2010 our gubernatorial candidate, Tom Foley, came within some 6,000 votes of winning the Governor’s race. That’s less than 40 votes per Town in CT! We can do better, we must do better. If not for ourselves then for our children; the legacy that we will leave them should not be one of complacence and resignation but of action and responsibility.

We are the party of Personal Responsibility and Individual Accountability. You can help us take back our state and restore our pride.

We can do this! But only with your help. This election, don’t just say that you believe in Personal Responsibility and Individual Accountability, show it – put those words into action and GET OUT AND VOTE!

Al Alper, Chairman 

Wilton Republican Town Committee

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